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Dreams do come true

In Lynkrr, we do more than start businesses; we're in the business of making dreams come true. It's a place where your ideas meet entrepreneurial spirit, a place where you're not just entering the market, you're redefining it with your vision.

Our Mission: Every entrepreneur's journey is filled with dreams, challenges, and a brave first step. We at Lynkrr are here to walk that journey with you, transforming your budding ideas into flourishing successes. Our platform is more than a tool; it's a nurturing ground for your aspirations.

Our Values: At the core of Lynkrr are Integrity, Innovation, and Impact. We believe in making a real difference in your venture, providing you with honest, innovative solutions that leave a lasting mark. Your dream, your journey, our mission.
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Our Team

Meet the masterminds behind our success - a diverse team of experts dedicated to your growth. From marketing mavens to business wizards, our instructors bring real-world experience to guide you every step of the way.

Omar Alzokani

CEO - Founder

Anand Venkataraman

CTO - Chief Technical Officer

Aditi Vashisth

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Omar El-Ghandour

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

Washan Nabbat

Social Media Manager

Ethar Muharram

Customer Success Manager

Letícia Ferreira

UX/UI Designer

Ammar Mawaldi

Graphic Designer

Marina Ibrahim

Social Media Manager



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